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quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011


Zen text, Google Translation

  Until now, I never wanted to write about what are the post-tattoo care here on the blog to have noticed, for over eight years in the profession, how it changes tattooist for tattooist. I confess that the amount of information from various possible to bore me very early, which forced me to pursue theoretical and practical on the subject, plus plenty of information exchange with other colleagues. However, due to paucity of good texts on the subject on the Internet or in magazines, after much study and practice and theoretical research on the subject, I decided to give my input on how they should be postnatal care that a new tattoo tattooed must. 

Tues Initially, two assumptions must be understood: 
First: A tattoo is a wound. Although superficial, it is a wound. His skin was punctured several times, so that the paint was left under the skin. 

Second: The trend of a newly tattooed body is to remove as much ink as he can. When you just get a tattoo, to paint his body never was there, all that ink is applied to a foreign body in your body. What will he do then is try to remove the paint. Well, if your
tattoo is a wound and the tendency of your body is to eliminate as much ink as he can, it is obvious that the better you care for your healing, less ink will lose, your tattoo will be more beautiful. Another important point is to understand what is the true healing of a tattoo. A tattoo is fully healed when you grow up on it a thin layer of skin. It takes about two months, ranging from minimally organism to organism. Hence the maxim that the more white skin is tattooed, thinner and more transparent skin that will be more visible will your tattoo. It should save that people often think that most brunettes his tattoo was not done well, because at first she was much sharper than a short time later. It turns out that this increased skin is healing properly, and it not being as transparent as the whitest person has even thought about touching up the tattoo so that it is sharper. 

It turns out that when the skin grow back since it will not look as sharp again. We will care then? Once you exit your tattoo studio, you will be using a plastic film for protection if your tattoo. The tattoo will eliminate some water and blood in the first 30 minutes - the approximate time it takes to fade away the red skin around the tattoo and most of the swelling - so you must change the first dressing one hour after the end of the tattoo. Before this first dressing change should be cleaned the tattoo. 

Never use bar soap or liquid to clean it. These products contain salt and a tattoo is a wound can not be applied salt in the wounds, since it holds too much healing. Clean it only with a wet gauze or cotton, without smearing. Gently remove the excess blood and ointment. Then, the next step is to apply a new layer of ointment to be rich in vitamin B5, strong healing compound. The best ointment sold in Brazil for this kind of healing is BEPANTOL ®. Be careful! Not long ago have been sold in generic BEPANTOL ®, or as Dexpanthenol Epitegel. They are not the same quality as the original and have caused some allergic people. It is true that cost about $ 2 less, but they have not reached the expectations of the wearer. 

Apply the ointment without smearing. Massaging it gently on the skin. The next step is the replacement of plastic film. The plastic film is that plastic, bought a big roll in the market, also used in foods and sandwiches. You can use it without any fear. He is strictly sanitized. The plastic has to be used for three days, and also exchanged three times a day. This will prevent the access of bacteria to your tattoo and prevent it from forming shells during their healing process. The shells, though many find the need, to begin to fall and not fall all at once but in pieces, each piece that comes out or it starts up, goes out with a quantity of ink. So keep pulling them will affect the final outcome of your tattoo, leaving potential gaps and heal wounds that have uneven access to the rest of the skin. It is important to remember that the plastic should be used in the first three days of healing 24 hours a day. 

To sleep, to date, for bathing, for everything ... All the time! Then you may think "but the fact I use it in the shower will not stop wetting the tattoo, not prevent, but softens and the effect of water, soap, shampoos, bath oils ... Even with the plastic you will notice the elimination of ink on his body. Your body can remove a little excess ink in the first two or three days. You'll notice some ink on plastics and small pieces of a very thin skin and superficial also coming out with ink. This is perfectly normal. If the location where you made the tattoo is not enough to wrap the plastic as it gives for doing forearms, arms, ankles or calves, you must have a tape to hold the plastic, but it will fall all day. If you choose to use the Micropore ® tape, that surgery and allergy. The rest leave a lot of glue on your skin and, over several shifts for three days straight, this may cause you discomfort and itching to make one point beyond the dirt around your tattoo. The most recommended is the tape of a baby, the mothers used to fix the diapers. It is sold in pharmacies and has a very reasonable cost and less than the tape, and is specific for the allergenic and skin. Important is the exception that there is nothing more annoying to use that plastic over the ointment for three days, but nothing is more important to ensure that the beauty of your tattoo. Always think that this is a healing process and it takes time and dedication. After the first three days, ie after the plastic, you should continue with the ointment for another 15 days, at least three times a day. 

At this stage, to apply the ointment should be gently massaged the tattoo, because as it is without the protection of plastic, the ointment should be absorbed through the skin, which is not quickly removed from the top of the tattoo by clothing or bumps. It's always nice to watch the tattoo and, realizing that it is too dry or dry, moisturize it again with another layer of ointment. Something quite common after a period of plastic is the region of the tattoo and she began to itch. And as itchy! Very. Itching is typical of wound healing. Do not be alarmed, but not to scratch any way. Neither she, nor by her side or even over clothing. He began to feel itchy, pass a thin layer of ointment, massaging it lightly. The ointment is a topical analgesic that eliminates this itching sensation. After those 15 days of ointment your tattoo is already near completion. Why almost? Their healing ultimately leads - complete - two months. Even though she is already the eye as you wanted does not mean it is already really healed. This process takes time. Of course the accuracy of this time will vary from organism to organism. But healing is something a little more complex than that. 

It depends on factors outside the tattooing itself. Factors such as stress, sleep, food, influence the healing time. It is worth remembering that every human being is an individual, ie, it varies from organism to organism, but one thing is certain: your skin will not take less than two months to completely heal your tattoo. Factors such as diet will directly influence the outcome of your tattoo. Now if we said earlier that the tendency of your body is expelling and removing the paint from his body, the longer it takes to heal your tattoo, the more ink will be eliminated. Fundamental to this is the treatment received in the early days. 

There are foods that hinder and delay the healing process and these must be faithfully avoided. What are these foods? These foods are: 

• Pork and its by-products such as bacon, ham, sausages and some types of foods prepared with pork chops or as feijoadas; 

• Peppers, net, in piece, white sauce or even in the realm; • Chocolate and chocolate products as derivatives of the type Nescau ®, Toddy ®, cakes, ice cream, stuffed biscuits, chocolates, truffles, ie everything that has chocolate in its composition; 

• Eggs, are fried or baked. Ah! It is worth remembering that the mayonnaise has a lot of beaten eggs in its composition, then it should be avoided; 

• Shrimp and delicious dishes. 

These foods should be avoided for seven days from the time that his tattoo was done. Seven days without these foods will not kill anyone. Just a little willpower, dedication and understanding of why you're doing it. However, the tattoo professional is expensive and it hurts to be on, it costs nothing to care for your healing for a while until in small considering that she will go with you for the rest of his life and beyond ... 

Other factors also influence the final outcome of your tattoo, that is, and hinder their healing process and - with that - make you waste more ink than you want. These factors are sun, sand, sea, pool, river, waterfalls and sauna should be strictly avoided for the first 60 days post-tattooing. 

• Sun. You can sunbathe on the entire body, not only can sunbathe on the tattoo. That is, if you have any mental or physical condition that you can not stay away for a day in the sun, cover your tattoo perfectly so that it is not exposed to the sun at all. It is worth remembering that the sun disturbs the healing is too much sun. If you have to quickly leave the street for some activity, the sun does not hurt. Since it is fast. After those 60 days, hearing about that will take too much sun, apply sunscreen factor 50 or 60 on your tattoo. If you soak carelessly after these 60 give, you will be tanning skin that has grown over the tattoo, not the tattoo itself. Once browned out, drawing his return with the same intensity. But before 60 days did not do it, not to choke, or anything. 

• Waters. Be the pool, seas, rivers, waterfalls, than they are, must be strictly avoided because of the dirt of the waters. In the case of swimming pools, contrary to popular belief, is not just the chlorine that is harmful, but the fecal coliform bacteria and urine in the water. At sea, with that same dirt you still have the salt to make it worse. 

• saunas. The sauna also impairs the healing of an injury by excessive exposure to heat and humidity, and high temperature. In the first week after having a tattoo done you should also avoid very hot baths and consuming as well as clothes and shoes are too tight on the tattoo. After all the healing period, ie after two months, you can constantly apply moisturizer on the tattoo. This will help keep the skin that grew over it always hydrated and, consequently, its more beautiful and gorgeous tattoo. After this period, once a month, you can be washing it with a soft washcloth or exfoliating cream to rescind the dead cells that hang on the skin. No more, just start thinking about your next tattoo, after all, as they say, tattooing is more to do first. Then you will always find some drawing to get somewhere ... 

A good healing is up to you. Follow the procedures accurately aiming a better end result, after all it is forever. Care depend exclusively on you and not blame the artist if things go wrong in this phase. We just follow the clients while they are in our studios. After that, if he wants to take care of healing or not, depends not on us. If you do not follow the procedures and want to blame someone, take a ride to the mirror and there vented enough.



Translation by Google Translator

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